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Bridgeport Logistics, LLC was founded in 2003 by a group of committed professionals with combined 100+ years of industry experience.

Bridgeport Logistics provides a full line of transportation services throughout the continental United States. We are centrally located in Oregon’s extensive web of truck, rail, air, river and ocean transport systems.

Through our commitment, experience, integrity and expertise Bridgeport Logistics has consistently delivered value to our customers.

Experienced Distribution Transportation Company in Portland, OR

Distribution transportation is an important aspect of any logistics and public warehousing company. Bridgeport Distribution, Inc. is one of the top Northwest distribution transportation companies.  Our suite of affiliated companies, Bridgeport Distribution, Inc., Bridgeport Logistics, Inc. and Bridgeport Wine Services, Inc., all housed together in their Portland, Oregon work seamlessly together to bring you the most advanced technology, warehousing facilities, transportation services, equipment and management in addition to decades of experience in this field and one of the most reputable firms on the West Coast.

Located in Portland, Oregon, near Vancouver, Washington, our shipping logistics are served  by the nearby Columbia River which feeds directly into the Pacific Ocean.  Additionally we are located adjacent major railways and highways. We have made a reputation of not only having the best equipment, staff and facilities available but also an excellent delivery track record throughout our many years of service, saving you time and money.

Our track record and repeat customers say it best, “Our goods are always delivered to our end customers on time and in excellent condition no matter where they are being delivered or how long the good are stored in Bridgeport’s warehouses. Their team took the time to listen to our specific needs and timeline. We got a tour of their war I would recommend them to anyone looking for excellent, dependable service and reliability. “ ☆☆☆☆☆


Transportation, distribution and logistics has to do with planning, management, and movement of materials and goods using road, rail and water and related professional and technical support services such as transportation infrastructure planning and management, logistics services, mobile equipment and facility maintenance. We pride ourselves in:

  • Planning, management and regulation
  • Warehousing and distribution center operations
  • Facility and mobile equipment maintenance
  • Health, safety and environmental management
  • Logistics planning and management services
  • Sales and services
  • Transportation operations
  • Transportation systems and infrastructure

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