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Bridgeport Logistics, LLC is committed to providing the finest logistic services available through the consistent application of diligence, timely communication, integrity, and concern for a job well done the – first time!

Our emphasis on customer service and attention to detail assures top quality service to you and your customers. Owned and managed by a group of logistics professionals with a combined 100+ years of experience, Bridgeport Logistics will undoubtedly benefit your company’s bottom-line.

Serving the Continental US from the Pacific Northwest will not only save your company substantial dollars on freight and handling, but it will consistently provide your company immediate direct service. We provide value-added service in transportation, warehousing, inventory, product handling and marketing.

A Guide to Choosing the Correct Cross-Dock Company

A lot of companies have faced damages and other losses due to the unprofessional services provided by their cross-dock, distribution and transportation service partners. This is mostly due to the distribution company not having adequate warehouse or storage facilities or lacking the advantages of technological developments. With better and more professional distribution and transportation service providers in the market it is time to switch to someone who understands your business better and has the right kind of experience to handle your goods in a professional manner.The best way to know whether a logistics company ordistribution and transportation service provider can give you the service you need is to visit their facilities. From their storage solutions to their transportation facilities you need to check out everything that your goods have to pass through in order to reach your customers without any breakage, destruction or any other kind of damage. This holds true for transportation facilities especially those who use cross-dock practices. The staff of a company providing cross-dock, distribution and transportation services should possess the knowledge of inspecting, storing, packing, forwarding and distributing the goods in a safe and secure manner. They should be as a careful with the safety of your products as you would want them to be. The staff should also know how to use modern equipment effectively and judiciously. For example, they should use computerized methods to speed up the processes. The speed with which a distribution and transportation company manages your products also matters a lot. In an industry where the early bird catches the worm you need to get your products to your customers faster than your competitors. So the distribution and transportation service partner you choose should be able to match your pace. This can be done with the streamlined cross-dock distribution and transportation processes of an experienced service provider.

A good logistics and transportation service provider should also be able to lower your costs by reducing handling costs, operating costs, storage of inventory, warehousing costs etc. with the help of modern technology and state-of-the-art equipment. Companies providing cross-dock distribution and transportation services should also give you customized options that not only help in keeping your products in good condition but also deliver them to your customers faster.